Temperature of rooms Fort Myers

Have you ever noticed that when you walk from one room in your home to another that the temperature changes? Rooms within a home will not be heated, or cooled, at the same rate for several reasons.

  • Leaving a door or window open. This, obviously, will create a different temperature in the room than others. Especially in the heat of summer of the freezing temperatures of the winter.
  • Faulty Dampeners. Dampeners are in your duct work and control the flow of air. These need to be maintenance occasionally to balance the control so that one room is not receiving more cold (or hot) air than the other rooms.
  • Chimney flue’s that do not get shut properly can let cold and hot air inside. Check to make sure that your flue is closed all the way after you finish using your fireplace.
  • Window and Door Seals. If you notice a cold, hot, spot in a room, check your windows and door seals. Houses settle and can create spaces around a door or window. Even a very small gap can create an extreme change in temperature, especially in extremely hot or cold days.
  • Lack of, or degrading insulation can also be a factor in temperature shifts. If an exterior wall is not properly insulated, it will allow the outside air to penetrate your home. Consult with a professional such as All Day Air Cooling and Heating to add or replace insulation in your home. There are some homeowner’s tasks that you can do, but insulation should be left to the experts.
  • Make sure that you do not have any vents that are blocked in your rooms. If something is blocking the vents, then it restricts air flow throughout the home, resulting in uneven heating/cooling.
  • Close curtains and shades in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight if that room tends to become too hot in the summer. South facing rooms will receive more sunlight, so adjusting the window coverings based on your comfort level is recommended.

In addition to the above mentioned tasks, maintaining your air conditioner and heater are important in creating a comfortable home atmosphere. Look to a professional company to service the a/c and heater. They will have the knowledge to keep your home temperature balanced. Contact All Day Air Cooling and Heating. We are located in Ft. Myers, Florida and we service all of Southwest Florida. Call us at (239) 357-0727

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