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If you are like many couples, your body temperatures are not the same. One prefers their indoor environment to be warmer and the other cooler. When it gets to be a drastic difference between the two, it can cause issues.


According to a study in Nature Climate Change  metabolic rates can vary widely across the board based on a number of factors including size, weight, age, and fitness level but the biggest difference was between the sexes. Men prefer it several degrees colder than women.


This can leave one or the other freezing or sweating uncomfortably and even initiate squabbling.  Studies have shown that women tend to be more sensitive to temperature than men and are usually the first to express displeasure. Thermostats are often readjusted multiple times a day by both parties in a never-ending battle.


68-72 Degrees seems to be the average agreed upon range of comfortable temperatures for men and 70-78 degrees for women. Depending on where you live and within what climate area, either extreme can pose an additional financial cost when the heating or cooling bill comes due.


The ability to compromise somewhere in the middle is likely the best solution for your electric bill as well as the health of your relationship.


One thing both can agree on is that regular maintenance and service of your A/C & Heating can ensure you comfort year-round and the lowest electric bill possible.


If you are in the SW Florida area give All Day Air Cooling and Heating a call. We have highly trained technicians who can diagnose and suggest a solution. Chat with us today at (239) 357-0727 or fill out a form online and we will contact you.

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