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What is a Zone Controlled AC?

Many have still not heard of Zone Control as an option when it comes to home cooling. This method of air conditioning is ideal for larger homes where you spend more time in some sections of the house than others. After all, why heat or cool rooms you aren’t even in?

With zone control air conditioning it allows you to choose which rooms receive cool air.
You can preset temperature differentials, and with high tech, thermostats schedule weekly or monthly temperatures for all zones. Though more complex than traditional central air conditioner systems they do provide great benefit in being so customizable.

The Benefits

Reduced Energy Bills

While the initial setup may is slightly more expensive than a standard air conditioning system, the ability to send air only where it’s needed can help reduce your energy bills because you’re not wasting energy cooling unnecessary areas. Many Florida style homes end up having rooms that are intended for guests or entertaining only and remain vacant much of the time. Why boost your bill cooling areas you aren’t even using?

No More Fighting Over the Thermostat

One of the biggest benefits of a zone control system is that you can Individualize the temperature for each room. If you love it cold and your spouse has no body heat of their own, now you can keep the man cave chilly and the living room still a reasonably warm temperature. No more arguing!

More Even Cooling

If you don’t reside in a single story home you need a zone control even more. In multi-floor homes, there is often one space that is warmer than the rest of the house. Zone control systems can save your AC from having to run just to cool that one room while dumping unnecessary cool air throughout the rest of the house.

Zone Control Air Conditioning Systems have many benefits over centralized systems. Even though they cost a bit more to set up, the benefits and potential savings can help overcome that initial setup cost. If you have any questions about what kind of air conditioning system is right for you, be sure to contact All Day Air Cooling and Heating today at (239) 357-0727.