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If you have found this article chances are that you are having problems with your air conditioning. We are sorry to hear this. Hopefully, we can help.

Let’s take a look at the possible “why”

If an imbalance causes the Freon in the system to expand more than usual, making the coils colder than usual, or if something prevents airflow over the coils, then the evaporator coil will drop below freezing and the system will begin to ice up. Often there is feedback where more ice increases the problem causing the ice, and eventually, the whole thing will be frozen up. If this happens too often, it can damage the system.

You Are Low on Freon: The most common cause a frozen AC unit is simply that the system is low on Freon. Lower amounts of contained freon will expand more because there is less pressure, and more expansion means a cooler temperature. Eventually, the coil temperature will dive below freezing and the moisture in the air that contacts the coil will freeze forming ice around the coil.

Mechanical Failures: Kinks in refrigerant lines can restrict the Freon, or a faulty blower fan could potentially change the airflow. Running the air conditioner in outside temperatures below 62 or so degrees can cause the refrigeration system to drop in pressure and then run colder than recommended. A qualified service technician should inspect the system for any mechanical or related problems.

Insufficient Air Flow: Air conditioning systems are designed to pull warm air from inside the house across the coil cooling the air. That cooled air is then returned into the house. This transfers heat back to the coil, preventing it from dropping its temperature too low. However, if the airflow is blocked or restricted, then not enough warm air will flow over the coil, with not enough heat transfer, which will cause a drop in temperature which will eventually cause the moisture to form ice. The most common cause of this restricted airflow is a clogged filter, so be sure to change your filters regularly. On the other hand, sometimes there might be a leak in the ductwork or some kind of obstruction that is restricting the airflow.

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