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Gone are the days of manually having to keep adjusting and resetting your home thermostat. The market has changed, giving way to the technical advancements that worked into the new upgraded smart thermostats.

Once programmed, they know what to do. They are off and running – keeping your home comfortable and your electric bill under control.

Choosing your temperatures is often a balance between personal comfort and considering electric usage. We have outlined a few things to think about during that initial programming.

Your family may not have the same body temperature.
It’s just a fact that some people are warmer than others. Body heat and comfortability can be affected by natural state, seasonal weather, wardrobe, and level of activity.

Changes are generally predictable and often happen in the same pattern daily or weekly.  For example, it is usually warmer outside in daytime hours than at night, and many people are more active in the afternoon while sleeping at night. 

Recognizing the lifestyle patterns in a household helps the understanding of how personal temperature preferences vary throughout the day. This can help guide settings for a new programmable thermostat.

Power Usage.

The first step in taking control of your home’s power usage is making note of how much power the HVAC system is utilizing to maintain a comfortable environment.

As a general rule, most people can be comfortable within a few degrees of their ideal. Because of this, adjusting the temperature 1 or 2 degrees from that is still often comfortable. Amazingly, just a few degrees can save you big time in the long run. Additionally, run the AC at a few degrees higher when no one is home and while everyone is sleeping to reduce power use.

The Weather.
The outside temperature has a big effect on the amount of work an HVAC system has to do to maintain temperature. The greater the variance between outside and inside temperatures, the faster the heat transfer will occur. 

So if your HVAC system is trying to maintain an indoor temperature very different from the weather outside, the system will have to click on and run more often to maintain the selected temperature. Keeping the temperature setting higher in the summer and lower in the winter will minimize the work the system has to do to overcome heat transfer.

All Day Air Cooling & Heating offers the Housewise Control system and Thermidistat. Both of these are easy to use temperature control systems that are compatible with smartphones and other devices and make controlling the atmosphere inside your home simple and easy from wherever you are.  Call All Day Air at (239) 357-0727 today for more information or visit us online at