all day air insulation fort myers

Now that the temperatures have dipped here in Southwest Florida you can begin to feel the effects of poor insulation in your home. Many of you at this point have flipped the heat on at least once.

Did you notice any areas of your home that feel drafty? That isn’t getting warm? It’s a sure sign that more (or better quality) insulation is needed.

Poor insulation can affect the comfort level as well as the health of your family. If you are experiencing any of the following issues it may be time to have your insulation inspected and possibly replaced or repaired.

1. DRAFTS – Drafty rooms are the rooms that always seem to stay cooler while the rest of the house is warm. Cool air feels like it is circulating but you cannot quite pinpoint from where. Most people don’t think much of a slight air movement but with that outside air may also come dust (dust mites), insects, germs, and even bacteria. While most drafts are found to stem from a window or doorframe, insulation and weather stripping, properly insulating the home solve most drafts.

2. OVERLY HOT ROOMS – Have a room that stays toasty while the rest of the house has already cooled down? Or the polar opposite may come in to play. You may have one room that is just plain cold and refuses to heat up no matter how high you crank that thermostat.

Rooms that stay hot usually face south or west and rooms that stay cold tend to face north or east. This variation can usually be linked to large windows, leaky or damaged ducts, and insufficient or misplaced insulation

3. SICK ROOMS – If you notice you tend to sneeze, itch, or have watery eyes or even a headache if you spend too much time in one area or room of your home you may have mold or mildew damage. If left unnoticed asthma or other respiratory ailments may creep up on you. Black mold often found in Florida, is highly toxic and should be dealt with professionally. Never try and clean up black mold yourself. If you suspect a mold problem you will want to call a mold remediation company as soon as possible to check out and remedy the situation if need be. Mold can form when you have water leaks in the roof or outer walls. It can get the insulation wet and lead to mold growth.

If you believe your insulation may be having an effect on your home we would love to talk to you and see how we can be of assistance. For more information on how quality insulation can cause almost instant improvements in your family’s quality of life, contact All Day Air Cooling & Heating today at (239) 357-0727 to schedule an appointment.