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No one loves opening utility bills to find a higher electric bill than last month. In the tropics of Florida, it happens without much thought as things heat up. Ever warming weather can easily spike your bill. We have a few tips that really do work to help support you and your family!

Energy Saving Tips from All Day Air Cooling and Heating

Refrigerator – 100 to 150 KWh of power a year is wasted opening and closing the door. Every time it is opened, warm air enters, raising the temperature. The compressor then has to come back on (drawing power) to bring the temperature back down. Here is the key. Keep the fridge stocked with food. The extra food retains the cold and makes the cool down quicker. An empty fridge takes longer and more power to regain the lower degree.

Washing Dishes – Running the dishwasher costs 45 cents per load. Stacking creatively and waiting till it is actually full can cut down on the amount you spend per year.

Washer/Dryer – Running the washing machine costs approximately 70 cents per load. Running it only when full can cut costs by half saving you hundreds of dollars over the year-long period.

Time Your Laundry and Dishes – Avoiding power use during peak hours can cut costs by nearly 44%. This means doing laundry and dishes after sundown when most people are not.

Warming the house in the cool season – Invite friends and family over. Warm bodies make for a warmer house. Why waste money on heating when gatherings can accomplish the same goal while making you happier socially and filling your calendar.

Turn The Computer Off – Put it on a sleep schedule. Let it go off after 30 minutes of non-use. A sleeping computer costs far less than leaving it running. Shutting it down all together saves even more.

Rain Sensor Addition to the Sprinkler System – It will not just water based on a schedule but based on how much it has rained. The added bonus is that your lawn never ends up soggy and over watered.

Pluming Water Savers – Installing low flow toilets and showerheads helps to cut costs, as does washing in cold water. You can also save up to $20 a year by lowering the temperature of your water heater by just 20 degrees. Especially in the summer that is an easy fix.

Air Conditioning – This is a big part of our energy bills in Southwest Florida. Installing a digital thermostat that is programmable can save you big time. Set it and forget it. Let your home be cool when you are home and warm up several degrees while you are at work. It can also save wear and tear on your system giving it a possibility at a longer lifespan.

If your power bill is higher than it should be, we would love to come and inspect your AC and heating system for you and perform any needed maintenance and service so you can get your bill back in line where it should be.

Give us a call today at (239) 357-0727 or visit us online at www.alldayaircooling.com now serving Southwest Florida.

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