Ac Repair All day air cooling

During this time of a worldwide pandemic, right now none of us have money to waste. That is why it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your HVAC and air conditioner in order to make sure it stays in good working condition.

Here are our top things to look out for and if you do notice them please call our techs immediately so that you can head off even bigger problems that may be right around the corner.

  1. Your utility bill is abnormally high – If your bill has jumped it means that your AC is working harder on a consistent basis than it should be. It’s a sign of wear or an impending breakdown. It may start blowing warmer air right before it quits altogether.
  1. Your HVAC is sounding noisy or making odd sounds – your AC should always run smoothly and quietly. If it making noises something is loose or broken.
  1. Refrigerant is leaking – without enough refrigerant it cannot properly cool.
  1. HVAC Condenser coil is covered with grime and dirt – a dirty coil cannot cool. It needs to be cleaned or it may eventually fail. If too dunked up it could potentially even become a fire hazard much like vents going uncleaned on dryers. Lint and dust are flammable.

Regularly maintaining your AC unit can help alleviate bigger bills in the long run including needing to replace your entire unit. We offer different discounted pre-planned service packages to help keep your HVAC units on track and under warranty.

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