ac making a noise all day air cooling

Most of the time, the Air Conditioning system should hum along almost unnoticed and unnoticeable, blowing cool air and keeping the environment pleasant, but otherwise remaining part of the background. Besides for incidental maintenance, most people don’t think about the air conditioner. Sometimes you might notice little noises that come from the air conditioner. Some of these are hard to detect little noises that the system has been making all along but maybe you never noticed before. On the other hand, some of these weird sounds might be little cries for help, indications that something has gone wrong and should not be ignored.

There may be various kinds of soft sounds the air conditioner might make, and some of these are normal and don’t indicate any problems. For example, if the air conditioner hasn’t run for a while, it may make some soft chirping sounds as it starts up. This is normal and doesn’t indicate any problems. Additionally, the soft sounds air makes when it blows through ducts may catch your attention from time to time, but if this sound turns to a whistle, that might indicate an obstruction or some other issue in the ductwork.

On the other hand, some other sounds can indicate potentially serious problems. Squealing is often a sign that there are problems with the fan belt. That sound will continue to get worse until it breaks, and then the air conditioner will need even more repair. A Hissing sound can mean that refrigerant is leaking. Refrigerant shifts from a gas to a liquid as part of the cooling process, and if there’s a leak in the refrigeration cycle, the gas will hiss as it escapes, generally because of the tiny aperture through which it is escaping. The air conditioner will not work properly if there isn’t enough refrigerant, so if you hear a hissing sound, be sure to call for service to have this problem addressed as soon as possible.

Clicking sounds can occur if there are electrical problems. This too is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. There may be a small problem with the electrical system, but small problems in electricity have a high potential of becoming serious and often dangerous problems. On the other hand, a rattling sound may have many different causes, and the severity of the cause varies quite a bit. Rattling can occur because of debris in the system or because the air conditioner is wearing down and parts are getting loose.

There are many different reasons the air conditioner might begin to make unusual sounds, and these are only some of the most common. If you hear any unusual sounds coming from your air conditioning system, be sure to call a service technician to check it out and make sure everything is working ok. If there is a problem, the sooner you catch it the better because the longer you leave it, the worse the problem can get. The service technicians at All Day Air Cooling and Heating have years of experience and technical expertise to help identify any problem your AC system may have. Be sure to call them today: (239) 357-0727.