commercial AC fort myers, fl

Commercial AC units are not all that different than residential units other than the size and amount of time they spend running at close to full capacity.

Regular Maintenance

The best thing for your commercial air conditioning system is probably to have it inspected and serviced if necessary.  Regular maintenance by a qualified technician is great for keeping the air conditioning system running efficiently and effectively, and the better the system is running, the more manageable will be the energy costs.

Programmable Thermostat

Commercial air conditioners are some of the best candidates for saving energy costs with programmable thermostats.  Many commercial spaces remain empty overnight or only host a brief cleaning crew.  Because business hours are often set, and the air conditioning needs don’t change very often, programmable thermostats can help keep the office cool when people are there and let the system rest when people are not.  In this way, you can help save potentially hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs simply with a programmable thermostat.

Change Filters

The easiest thing you can do to make sure your air conditioner is running more efficiently is to keep up on changing out the filters when they need it.  Dirty filters restrict the flow of air, which forces the fans to work harder to maintain an appropriate airflow.  Keeping filters changed out, usually about once a month, will minimize the system’s trying to overwork itself and thus save on energy costs.

Sealing Ducts

Another common place HVAC systems tend to lose energy is through leaks in the ductwork.  Any cooled air that escapes the ducts into an area that you’re not actually trying to cool is a waste of energy, and the system has to work harder to compensate for that loss.  Making sure all the ducts are properly sealed and there are no leaks will help ensure efficient running and keep energy costs down.

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