choosing a thermostat all day air cooling fort myers fl

Not all thermostats are not created equal. The fact is that some are far better than others. Some considerations need to be made when planning your home’s temperature control features because your family deserves to be comfortable in your home in Southwest Florida, year-round.

What to look for when shopping for a programmable thermostat

Ease of use – No one likes to feel outsmarted by their appliances. Your chosen thermostat should be powerful enough to provide you with the ideal comfort, and at the same time be simple enough that anyone can work basic functions. What good is a quality thermostat loaded with features if the owner finds the system too complicated and can’t fully work within it?

Programmable  Take the guesswork out of temperature control. All you need to do is set the thermostat for specific days of the week or times of the day, and then relax and let the system run itself. This is extra important for people who forget to adjust their temperature before leaving their house, and can also be a useful tool for those with regular and consistent schedules.

Energy smart – A “smart” thermostat that can make decisions and adjustments on its own. Many thermostats not only offer energy-saving tips based on the home’s usage, but they can also make automatic adjustments based on the heating and cooling gains and losses within your home, as well as based on weather changes in your region.

Visually appealing – thermostats are placed in noticeable locations within your home, so a design that is visually appealing is an added bonus. Never choose a thermostat based strictly on its design but it can be a factor in the final selection.

Remote Access – With remote access, you can tap into your home’s temperature controls from anywhere with an internet connection, in most cases from a mobile app installed directly on your smartphone or tablet. This is convenient for vacations, kids, elderly adults, or really any time you are headed home and would like the house to feel comfortable when you arrive.

At All Day Air, we provide only the best thermostat systems available in the market today. As an authorized dealer for Byrant®, we are especially proud of our Thermidistat Control and Housewise systems, which offer an abundance of convenient and powerful extras, such as the ability to control your home’s humidity in addition to its temperature.

We are happy to offer friendly and professional installation of products from the nation’s top brand in cooling and heating, delivering exceptional peace of mind in addition to our money and energy-saving products. Contact All Day Air today at (239) 357-0727 for more information.