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This may seem like an odd question at first, after all, so long as the thermostat is in the house and on an interior wall it’s fine, right? Wrong actually. Though it may seem random, the placement of your thermostat as decided by your professional HVAC technician is actually strategically chosen and located.

Some common mistakes homeowners make when installing on their own.

  • Placing the thermostat in the kitchen – kitchen temperatures vary more than any other area of the home. Ovens, refrigerators, stovetop cooking all can create heat, moisture, and varying temperatures. Your thermostat will try and adjust accordingly as well as give you false readings. This can add to your electric bill needlessly.


  • Installing a thermostat in a directly bright sunlit area. The temperature of a wall heated by sunlight streaming through a window will be several degrees higher than the rest of the shaded house. This again, can give a false reading and mess up the temperature throughout the rest of the home.


  • Putting a thermostat near a bath, pool or spa. The moisture and heat from warmed water can also change the temperature reading.The water vapor is also not great for the wires and metal pieces in a thermostat. It can cause corrosion and unnecessary wear and tear causing your unit to have a shorter life.

So – if all of these choices are incorrect and detrimental to your overall comfort, electric bill and the longevity of your unit, where should the thermostat be installed?

Choosing the location for a thermostat once you know those few rules is easy. Pick a wall that is in the shade and preferably nowhere near a window, out of the way where no one will be bumping into it, and if possible close to the indoor air handler.

HVAC work is best left to the professionals to ensure proper installation and maintain the factory warranty. Regular service can give your unit the best chance at the longest life while maintaining proper function affording you the lowest power bills possible.

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