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No one thinks of chilly temperatures when the word Florida is spoken. Beautiful hot sunny summers and tepid winters are what makes this a destination hot spot for tourists and snowbirds alike.

Although truly cold weather is rare low temperatures are common at night during the winter months. Many people are more comfortable installing a heating system in their Florida home for those colder days.

What is the best option for heating a home in Florida during the winter? The question becomes should you get a heat pump, or rely on the Air Conditioner’s heat strips?

The majority of the AC units sold and installed in Florida are designed for cooling the space but do include “heat strips,” or built-in heating elements, the equivalent of a space heater, designed to accommodate heating needs. On the other hand, some air conditioning units are designed to reverse the refrigeration cycle and direct the heated air back into the house. These are what are known as “heat pumps,” or air conditioners that use the condenser for both cooling and heating interchangeably.

Heat pumps are far more efficient and use much less energy than heating elements, so if you’re going to use the heating system for any extended periods, it’s much better to get a heat pump. However, because Florida winters are generally so warm, some people don’t run their heaters except for one or two days a year. In that case, it might be better to rely on the heat strips, as A/C units with heat pumps can be more expensive to install.

The key to deciding whether to install a heat pump or rely on a heating element or heat strip in the air conditioner pretty much boils down to how much you think you’ll be using the heat. This varies for every individual or family, as everyone has slightly different needs. It also depends on how well the home is insulated, how warm it stays when the temperature drops, and even how far inland you might be living, as areas closer to the coast stay warmer because of the heat from the waters of the gulf.

Whatever the case, be sure to contact All Day Air Cooling and Heating for a consultation about your own heating and cooling needs. Our experienced technicians can help you to determine what is best for the individual needs of your family, and they can help you select and install whatever equipment you need. Call (239) 357-0727 today to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

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