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When it comes to air conditioners we all love them when they work and curse them when they won’t. We live in Florida – it’s hot pretty much year round. We depend on our AC units.   Today we would like to take look at just a few of the most common complaints we hear…

AC Fort Myers

The prospect of needing a new air conditioner is never a welcomed one. Home ownership has lots of perks, but it also has the drawback of when something breaks, you are the one to pay to fix it. With so many makes and models on the market, today selecting the right unit can be tricky….

Cut Costs While Staying Warm | SW Florida Heating All Day Air

We are not used to being cold living here in Florida. It takes us off guard and sends us towards the thermostat to jack up the inside temperature. The problem is that along with the raised thermometer, a higher electric bill is also soon to follow. Keeping your home heating costs to a minimum doesn’t…