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The fact is if your AC isn’t properly serviced on a regular basis, the quality of the air you breathe in your home is being compromised. If anyone in your home smokes that risk is multiplied. Smoke residue sticks to and clogs air filtration very quickly.


As long as the air conditioning is working, most of us simply don’t think about it. Unfortunately, ignoring regular maintenance is what leads to breakdowns and additional unexpected expenses.


Infections can spread easily in a closed environment such as an office space where AC ducts and units are not cleaned often. Dust, pathogens, mold, mildew and a whole myriad of contaminants can gather and be blown throughout.


While over the counter medications can help to treat symptoms, the best answer is to find and treat the cause. If you are having allergy troubles, give All Day Air Cooling a call. Let us come out and do an assessment of your system, a thorough cleaning and change all of your air filters.


Setting up a year-round service schedule allows you the freedom of health and clean air without having to think about it.  Visit to learn more about what is included and the additional benefits maintenance brings! or call 239-357-0727

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