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When it comes to air filtration many people wonder when considering an upgrade, is the higher-priced whole home filter really worth it?

Today we break down the differences for you. You can then decide for yourself if the difference is worth it to you personally.

Over the years whole home purifying systems have gained popularity. Florida is a state where grasses, trees, and shrubs bloom year-round, this leads to an increase in allergies in the residential population. Your in-home air filtration is one major way to increase the viability of the air you are breathing in helping to decrease the amount of allergens you are exposed to.

-Newer whole house purifiers are designed to capture allergens down to the size of .3 microns taking just about everything allergy-causing out of the air before it recirculates. This far surpasses the average AC filter, even top brands with high filtration abilities.

-Regular HVAC filters should be changed every 3 months. Whole-home purifiers can last up to 3 to 5 years when properly maintained. These purifiers do not require you to buy an entirely new AC unit. They install directly into an older model as well. This can be a big money saver.

-Air filtration systems are cost-effective. They install within the HVAC handler you already own. Unlike the first issued units, there are no stand up models taking up floor space for you to wipe down week after week.

-Gone are the odd noises! The older portable models did occasionally make some rather strange noises. New unit models run silently. You won’t know they are there except that your air will feel fresher and you should notice a lessening of allergy symptoms.

-There are many advantages to the new whole-home air purifying systems versus the standard HVAC filter. They are a little more expensive upfront. They do, however, save you money in the long run and for many, the benefits are more than worth it.

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