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Willis Carrier created the first air conditioning system in 1902. One would think that by 2019 everyone would have the facts straight on what it can do and what it cant as well as how to properly care for their units. The truth is many people who have been using AC units their entire lives still confuse myth with fact.

Today we would like to try and clear up the confusion. The following myths are just that and should be completely ignored.

Bigger is Always Better!

Simply not the truth when it comes to choosing an AC unit. An AC unit whose capacity is far too big for the space will force its compressor to turn itself on and off in intervals. That wears it out, shortens its life, and costs you a lot on electricity. On the flip side, a too small AC will work too hard and wear it out more quickly as well. It’s important to have a professional size of your unit when they visit your home for an estimate.

Cranking Your AC Unit Can Give You the Sniffles

It has been believed that residing in a cold environment can end up giving you a cold. They blame the cold AC unit and their mate or roommate for how they feel. Colds are only caught by virus contact. It wouldn’t matter if it was 40 degrees or 100.

It’s Ok to Ignore Filter Change Warnings

Sure you have the option of ignoring it. Some people only change the filter once a year. However, dust, dirt, dander, mold, and pollutant particles all accumulate on the filter blocking the air flow and costing you more money and possibly your health. Replace every two months for the best air clarity and lowest electric bills. It will also save wear and tear on your unit!

The room will cool faster by turning your thermostat down

This is the number one most widely believed myth. How many times in your life have you set the thermostat to the lowest temperature to make your AC unit cool the room more quickly?

Set your thermostat to the temperature you desire, and not any lower. You can’t accelerate cooling beyond the capacity of your air conditioner.

It’s Best to Let Your Old AC Die Before Replacing

Waiting for an AC unit to die on you before replacing it with a new one is rather foolish.

The truth is old AC units that are on their last legs suck energy like there is no tomorrow. While a new unit may cost you more up front, the savings on your bills will make up for it over time.

The location of your thermostat doesn’t matter

Location of your thermostat is vital to your AC’s efficiency. Thermostats read the temperature near it to decide whether it needs to activate the air conditioner. If your thermostat is in direct sunlight near the stove or dryer it can be tricked into thinking that your home is getting warm, and if it is in the path of an air vent it can think it’s cooler than it is.

AC units don’t need regular service

This is the most detrimental belief. Servicing your AC regularly is like servicing your car. If you want to be able to depend on it – get it serviced.

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