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There is no doubt that a central AC unit is a major investment. It is one that is inevitable at some point when you own a home or business. All newer units should have an expected lifespan of around 15 years. That time frame can become shorter or longer depending on the level of maintenance and care over the years. The more regular the care, the greater the likely hood that it will reach its full potential.

Performing regular maintenance visits on your unit will keep it running at its best for years to come and head off many expensive repairs. Let’s take a look at what else can be done to ensure your investment.

  1. Alternative cooling methods – The less that you have your AC running the longer it will last. We know that is not always practical in Florida. Here are some more alternative cooling ideas for our fellow Floridians.  Use ceiling and floor fans, install heavy drapes and blinds, add a coat of paint in a dark color to effectively reduce the temperature and need to constantly run the unit.
  2. Keep all brush and debris clear of the outdoor unit – While they are weather-resistant, they can still be damaged by falling leaves, sticks, or grass clippings. It’s a good idea to check the condenser regularly to make sure nothing is stuck, forcing the AC to work harder than it should.
  3. Install the outdoor unit in the shade of an overhang or trees – If your AC unit is under direct sunlight it will have to work harder to cool your home because it will have to cool itself first. If you have trees make sure to buy an AC cover to keep debris out.
  4. Change AC filters regularly – Most manufacturers recommend that you change your AC filters every 30-60 days. This will vary depending on where you live, how often you use your air conditioner and their quality in your area. Regular filter changes make your air more breathable, and your unit runs better for years to come.
  5. Install a programmable thermostat   When you install a programmable thermostat you can schedule around your work or school or other times when you aren’t home. There is no need to excessively cool a space no one is in.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and looking for a team of friendly professionals to service and tune up your unit on a regular basis, increasing both your unit’s performance and lifespan, then give the experts at All Day Air Cooling & Heating a call at (239) 357-0727.

Whatever your heating or cooling needs, All Day Air has the experience, skills, and tools to keep you covered and comfortable in your home in Southwest Florida.