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While replacing your AC unit at some point in time is unavoidable the typical life of a unit is 10-15 years. It can easily lean more towards 15 if properly taken care of from the start.

Keeping your air conditioning system functioning properly takes very little effort on the part of the homeowner can be done quite simply. We have listed out ten ways to extend the life of your central air conditioner.

  1. Install your outdoor unit in the shade if possible. Reason being, if your AC unit is in direct sunlight, it will have to work harder to cool your home because as it will have to cool itself down first.
  1. Alternative cooling. It may sound obvious but the less you use your air conditioning, the longer it will last. Floor fans and ceiling fans, heavy drapes and closing blinds, and even a fresh coat of paint in a cool, dark color can all effectively reduce the need for constantly running the air conditioning in your home.
  1. Change your AC filters regularly. Check Double check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most will recommend changing your AC filters every 30-60 days. This varies heavily depending on the area of the country, how often you use your air conditioner and the overall quality of the air in your area. It saves money in the long run and keeps your air as clean as possible.
  1. Programmable Thermostat. By installing a thermostat that which you can program around your work or school schedule or certain times of day when your home is naturally cooler, allows you to not only can give your AC unit a break at times when it needs them the most, but you can take a lot of the worry out of maintaining your system as well.
  1. Schedule Regular Service. This is the single biggest step towards lengthening the life of your air conditioning unit is to have it checked out and tuned up on a regular basis. Performing any necessary repairs to your current unit can not only increase its overall longevity but also increase its efficiency and effectiveness throughout the year.
  1. Keep AC units (inside and out) clear. The condenser (the part that sits outside) can be extremely susceptible to problems due to weather. While these units are designed to be weather-resistant, they are easily damaged by sticks, falling leaves, or grass clippings when landscaping. While nearby trees are good for because of the shade that they provide, it’s still best to check the condenser frequently making sure nothing is stuck. As for the inside unit, clean it frequently. Turn the power of always first. If you are unsure how to clean the unit, please call us.

Whatever your heating or cooling needs, All Day Air has the experience, skills, and tools to keep you covered and comfortable in your home in Southwest Florida.  If you are looking for a team of friendly professionals to service and tune up your unit on a regular basis, increasing both your unit’s performance and lifespan, then give the experts at All Day Air Cooling & Heating a call at (239) 357-0727.

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