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The weather is beautiful here in Southwest Florida right now. Some of you seasonal snowbirds went home far too early! Those still here and our beloved year-round residents are opening up their homes, windows, lanai doors and breezeways.

The EPA states that the air inside of our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. So getting some fresh air in is a great idea for all of our health. Surprisingly indoor air pollution is currently considered to be one of the top risks to health caused by environmental factors.

The best way to deal with indoor air most of the year in Florida because its just too hot and too humid to leave our homes open is to use a home air purification and filtration system. Many of which reduce allergens and bacteria in the air by as much as 99%.

Here are three of the most common indoor air issues in homes, along with the reasons why their elimination is necessary for your respiratory health and quality of life.


Whether you are actually allergic to mold spores or not, everyone has mold sensitivity. It’s simply toxic and not good for anyone to breathe in. It’s a huge issue here in our very moist environment.


A large amount of the bacteria present in the air of our homes is actually a result of human shedding. There are bacteria present on the surface of the human skin and this bacteria is constantly being spread and distributed throughout the air around us. While not all bacteria is necessarily harmful, some types, such as Legionella, can cause serious illness in those with long-term exposure to it.


We have already discussed mold. The other allergen found indoors are natural substances that are released into the air, such as plant pollen and pet dander. Because some household molds can be very toxic and even trigger asthmatic episodes or other health complications, the elimination of mold and mildew spores from the air is essential.


(VOCs) Volatile organic compounds are comprised of chemicals that are emitted in the form of gases, produced from a varying range of sources. VOCs can be highly toxic.  Unfortunately, VOCs are extremely common because they are found in literally thousands of household products – cleaning sprays, pesticides, paint, glue, permanent markers, and even cosmetics all contain organic chemicals as some of their main ingredients. VOCs only build-up after multiple use and periods of time, so their presence usually goes unnoticed or ignored until the inhabitants of a home begin to experience health problems as a result.


The worst thing you can do in treating allergens, bacteria, and organic compounds in your indoor air is to treat them with even more chemicals. That is why All Day Air is proud to offer filtration systems from Fresh-Aire UV® that are chemical-free and safe to use, as well as economically sound. These systems are safe and effective at reducing mold, germs, allergens, and odors, foregoing chemicals and instead utilizing UV light to trap and destroy pollutants in their places. For more information on air purification and filtration systems in Southwest Florida, contact All Day Air today at (239) 357-0727.

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