AC noises fort myers

Living in Florida your Air Conditioner needs to be a workhorse, going nearly year round.

We have maybe a month reprieve of cold fresh air where we all open windows and set the button to the off position.

Over time this constant running can wear down your unit. You may begin hearing odd noises emanating from your system and this can cause your blood pressure to go up as you automatically assume the worst. Don’t panic. Sometimes it can be a simple fix.

Let’s take a look at the most common air conditioning issues when it comes to noise.

Grinding Noises

This is the most disturbing noise an AC system can make. Grinding equates metal on metal. That means wear and tear. Frankly, grinding noises coming from your HVAC system are scary. It usually means that it’s having an issue with the air handler itself. The air handler is the part that circulates airflow in your house. The motor houses lubricated bearings which allow your AC to run smoothly and quietly. If lubrication is lost friction from mechanical movements can cause wear on the handler as well as the bearings.

Call for service ASAP if you hear grinding noises. The bearings will need to be replaced. Without replacement, it can fail and wear out the motor costing you a lot more down the road.

Short Cycling

Is your air conditioning unit is turning itself off and on repeatedly? Is it happening in a relatively short amount of time? This is what is known as “short cycling”. Short cycling inhibits your unit’s ability to push the flow of the cool air. If left in this short cycle mode parts may start to wear out from overexertion. It can diminish the lifespan of your unit. It is important to get it checked as soon as you notice it happening.

Bubbling and Hissing Noises

These two types of sounds are a sign of a leak in your refrigerant lines. This can deplete your system and cause a slow decline in how efficiently your home is able to be cooled. When the refrigerant becomes empty, the system will break down leaving you with no air usually on a nice hot day.

These noises are your system asking for help. Don’t ignore it and wait. If you are in the SW Florida area, give All Day Air a call today (239) 357-0727 or visit to learn more.