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If you are a business owner or manager who is currently in the market for a new commercial cooling system, there are some very important considerations to take into account before making any final decisions.

Running a business comes with its own unique set of challenges, one of which is how to create and maintain an environment that is comfortable for everyone who works there – lord knows we all like it a different temperature and fighting over a thermostat can hurt your energy bill. It’s not just employee and client comfort that business owners need to be aware of, but equipment temperature as well. This is especially true within industries that require a lot of expensive and complicated equipment and materials, equipment that must be maintained within very specific temperatures in order to continue functioning properly and safely.

Where will the unit be located?
The location of your unit within your commercial property often depends largely on the location of your business itself, but units should always be placed in order to both optimize your company’s use of space and reduce noise distractions for employees and clients. For smaller, stand-alone businesses this can mean placing the units outside and near the back entrance or parking lot, similar to placement in a residential area. For large businesses with bigger or multiple units, or for downtown area businesses that are spaced very close together, this usually means installing rooftop cooling units.

How large is the unit?
Regardless of the size of your business, commercial cooling systems are typically designed to handle much larger areas than even the grandest residential estates. Even the smallest commercial systems were built to handle 25 tons of cooling, though most will require much more than this. Because commercial systems tend to be so large, they also require special training and skills from the technicians who work on them, and many units are so large that they require the expertise of multiple technicians at once.

How is the unit controlled?
Perhaps what separates commercial cooling units from residential ones the most is in how they are controlled. While a residential home typically only requires a single thermostat for controlling temperatures throughout the whole house, commercial buildings often contain many separate businesses with varying levels of comfort and temperature requirements. Even within the same business, certain rooms, such as the computer lab, will need to be kept cooler than others, such as the employee break room or office supply closet. A good commercial system will come with easy to use and effective zone controls, so that all needs can be accommodated simultaneously building wide.

The handling of commercial cooling units can be far more complex than residential units, and requires special skills and training. At All Day Air Cooling & Heating, our technicians have the expertise to work on commercial units both large and small, and we take special pride in being able to offer our services typically on the same day we receive your call. Contact us today at (239) 357-0727 to schedule your appointment.