electric bill Fort Myers

A great way to see how your Air Conditioning unit is holding up is to take your power bill from last year and compare it to the same months this year in 2018. If it has taken a significant rise you may want to call your local AC company such as All Day Air Cooling & Heating to come and just check out and do a maintenance call on your unit to make sure it’s running at top speed. It may very well just need service to get it back on track.

Letting your AC run year long as we do in Florida can be hard on a unit. Without regular maintenance breakage and eventually break down can occur. Which may be more expensive in the long run even leading to the need to replace the entire unit.

Possible things that could go wrong which would increase your power bill:

1st – and easiest to fix is the dirty air filter. You would be surprised at how often it really should be changed. Debris, dust, dander, skin flakes, pet hair, pollen and more get caught and eventually clog the air flow. It causes your unit to work harder and take longer to cool down your home. We recommend a new filter every 30 days.

2nd – Your ductwork may have a leak – ductwork is a major contributor to the efficiency of your air conditioning. If there is a leak it will take longer to reach the right temperature making your unit run longer than it should.

3rd – Refrigerant – if you are low on refrigerant (Freon) your system won’t remove the heat efficiently. Your bill will assuredly go up.

4th – Parts are failing – it may be your motor or your capacitor, or your condenser. With any of these, it makes the other parts overcompensate and work harder. This causes wearing down and eventual breakage and in the meantime bigger bills in the mail.

5th – You just have an old system. Time and technology have changed. Older systems just aren’t as eco-friendly. They have lower SEER ratings and aren’t made to stand the test of time, most give out at about 10 years where newer ones may last as long as 15.

6th Improper installation – If your unit is too small or large for your space it will cycle wrong and kick on and off wearing it out faster. Aside from high bills, it can lead to unnecessary breakdowns.

7th – lack of regular care –  Maintenance is key. It keeps your unit running smoothly. Your technician may recommend coil cleanings, surge protection, duct sealing, a programmable thermostat or even replacement parts when needed. All of these save you from needing a completely new unit, extending the life of your current one so you get your money’s worth.

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