leaking AC fort myers

If you see your AC unit dripping you may wonder if there is an issue.

Air conditioners are designed to remove moisture from the air. Part of the effect of this moisture removal is that the resultant air winds up cold, and pumping the cold, dry air throughout the house makes our living environment more comfortable. However, that water that the AC pulls out of the air has to go somewhere. In a perfectly working air conditioning system, some of that water is used to help moisten or cool various components of the system, but most of the water is channeled to an external drain. However, if water ever begins to collect in inappropriate areas or drips where it is not supposed to, that can be a sign of a problem somewhere.

If airflow through the system is blocked, for example by a dirty filter, often ice will form. The ice itself can then act as a barrier, producing more ice, until eventually the airflow will be completely blocked. As the ice melts, the water will drip in inappropriate places. However, ice may form for other reasons as well. Any time you have ice in your system, and you’ve replaced your filter, it’s probably a good idea to get the AC serviced because it means something isn’t working right.

Another cause of water leakage might be due to air leakage. If the AC system isn’t properly sealed, warm air can enter and mix with the cool, dry air. This will cause condensation, which means water vapor will turn into liquid water. When that water collects, it will eventually leak out somewhere. It’s important to make sure the system is properly sealed, because any water collection, especially if it collects and doesn’t drain out somewhere right away, can cause even more damage.

Sometimes one of the drains in the system may get blocked. There are several drains that shunt all the natural water accumulation to the external drain, but if any of these get blocked up, the water will begin to collect. Once it does, it can leak out somewhere inappropriate. If the external drain itself is blocked, you may be able to clear it yourself, but it’s important to have a professional check the internal workings of the system if you suspect the water is not draining appropriately.

Although the air conditioning system produces water by the way in which it treats air, any extra water collection in places not designed to handle it can cause damage to the system. If you detect an inappropriate leak in your air conditioner, or if you find water collecting in an inappropriate area, be sure to contact an air conditioning repair specialist such as the technicians at All Day Air Cooling and Heating to check the problem and see what repairs are needed.

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