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Your HVAC system (heating and cooling) account for the majority of your electric bill.

Here in Florida, we need our AC systems working full force for most of the year. That can cause us to spend quite a bit, turning over a chunk of our paychecks to FPL just to be comfortable. We would love nothing more than for you to be able to keep some of that money in your bank account where it belongs.

If you have an older unit it may be inefficient as a cooling system. It will not be able to provide the necessary output for the best price. With the amount of time here in Southwest Florida above 90 degrees, you need efficiency.

FPL has a great online graphic user interface. You can track and monitor month to month what you spend and you may feel like you’re simply stuck paying the same high bills yearly or that the only alternative is to shut off your air conditioner to lower the bill. The truth is there are more efficient ways you can cool your home. Let us show you how.

Ditch the window AC unit

These portable units are not designed for efficiency. If you are using them in more than one room, installing a central AC, though more expensive up front will save you money quite quickly in the long run.

Big Enough or Too Big?

Getting your unit professionally sized, chosen and installed is a great way to ensure that your new unit is the proper fit for your space. If its too small it will run constantly and if it is too big it may short cycle, starting and stopping over and over again, wearing out the components.

Check the SEER rating

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Choose a SEER rating of 16 or higher for the best results. (The minimum SEER for AC systems sold in Florida in 2018 is 14). Older units do not even come close and cost far more to run.

“But I don’t have ductwork”

If it seems like a hassle to change to central air because your home doesn’t have ducts fret not, you can use a ductless system and not have to live in a construction zone.

Ductless systems have an outdoor unit and indoor blower. The difference is that there are multiple indoor blower units throughout the home, one for every room that needs cooling, and there’s a thermostat for each one as well as a central thermostat! They work very much like central air.

If you have questions about your current system, need repairs in the Fort Myers, Estero, Naples, Bonita Springs area, or are looking for a quote for a possible new system we would love to talk with you. Give All Day Air Cooling and Heating a call today at (239) 357-0727 or visit us online at

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