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Going green has become a hot search term and topic. What does it really mean?

To go green means lifestyle changes that positively impact the environment. These choices are more eco-friendly allowing the environment to self-sustain for current as well as future generations. The attempt is to stop and even reverse the break down of the natural planet.

If you are looking to make your home more efficient and reduce your carbon footprint one of the first things to take a look at in your home is your HVAC (Air and heat unit). 

Here are some considerations when deciding if you should replace an older unit. It is recommended to replace older systems that get to the point of leaking because they use R22 refrigerant. R22 is terrible for the planet. A new system will not only save you money on your electric bill, it’s far better for the environment.

Nearly 1/3 of all energy consumed in the USA is due to HVAC technology. We use it not only to keep us cool or warm and comfortable but to keep food refrigerated and safe to transport and consume. From homes to office buildings, to places of business, healthcare facilities. They all rely heavily on their HVAC systems.

Consider a proactive approach and require your new equipment choice to use a green-friendly refrigerant. “Green” refrigerants are made today for both residential and commercial systems.

Large cooling systems, including all screw chillers and positive pressure centrifugal units, are now being designed for HFC-134a and HFC-407C. In small systems those

under 100 tons HFC-410A is now the main replacement for HCFC-22.

If you have any questions about going green and how it relates to your HVAC system, AC or heating, be sure to contact All Day Air Cooling and Heating today at

(239) 357-0727. We are happy to come out, inspect and give you an estimate.

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