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Yes, we understand, there is nothing like being out in the sweltering heat of southwest Florida’s summer and then walking into a really, really cold room. We get it. But, it actually is not a good choice to set your thermostat too low. And here is why:

  • Your air conditioning will only cool at one speed. Contrary to what many people believe, setting it down to 65 degrees from 85 degrees will not cool your home down any faster than if you set it at 77 degrees. The motor will only move at one speed. 77 degrees is a comfortably cool setting. If you set it lower than required to cool off, your air conditioner will not work as efficiently.
  • By adjusting your temperature high and then very low on a constant basis, you will put more stress on the system. This, in turn, will wear down the parts and pieces a lot faster than if you maintained a lower temperature difference between day and night. With parts wearing down, you will most likely need your air conditioning to be maintained on a more frequent basis.
  • If you are adamant about continually cooling your home to a very low temperature from a high temperature, your air conditioning unit will not last as long as it could. Also, if you choose not to have it maintained on a regular basis, the unit will need to be replaced sooner than later. Sign up for service by a reputable HVAC company such as All Day Air Cooling and Heating.

Here at All Day Air Cooling and Heating, we service the southwest Florida region and have affordable air conditioning maintenance plans. Call All Day Air Cooling and Heating today at (239) 357-0727 or fill out a form online and we will contact you.

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