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You press a button and like magic, your home begins to cool down. We live in a wonderful time where this wonderful innovation is in nearly every home and business. This wasn’t always the case in Florida and we are very thankful for the comfort level we have all achieved here in 2019.

If you have never taken the time to sit back and really look at your AC unit you may not actually know how it works, and you may only care that it does… but just in case we thought we would give you a peek inside of how an air conditioner actually does its magic.

AC units rely on both chemistry and physics as well as the nature-based effects of a coolant that can pass from a liquid to a gas and back again. Air conditioners work on the same principles as our refrigerators.  For both units, there are two main components to the system. The first is the condensing coil. The second is the evaporator coil. The way in which the coolant moves between these components is what cools the air that is then distributed through your home.

Air conditioners require a coolant to run. This coolant is a chemical that can easily convert from liquid to gas and back again.  This coolant absorbs heat from the air in your home or office and then releases it outside.  The refrigeration system manipulates the coolant to complete this process over and over again.

Step one – the compressor builds up pressure and temperature of the coolant by squeezing it down packing the molecules in tightly.  This compressed fluid is shunted to the condenser.  This is where the coolant cools off and condenses to a liquid.  That liquid is then pushed through the expansion valve into the evaporator.  As the highly compressed liquid passes through the narrow opening, the pressure drops so that the liquid evaporates into a gas. 

As it evaporates, it absorbs heat from the air, which allows the molecules to separate into a gaseous form.  It is here that the air used to cool the house is generated.  That cool air is distributed throughout the house, but the coolant, once again in a cool, gaseous form, is sent back to the compressor to begin the cycle over again.

The process is simple. It relies on the chemistry and physics of pressure and phase changing that the coolant goes through.  The compressor, condenser, and evaporator are all integral parts that must be maintained and kept in good working order so that the system remains efficient.

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