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Central Air Systems are the traditional AC system which blows cool air to spread to the entire house as evenly as possible. Their newer cousin the Zone Control Air Conditioning system allows you to control which rooms,  also known as “zones,” get how much air conditioning and when.

You can set up temperature controls, and even temperature schedules for each specific zone. This is more complex than traditional central air conditioner systems which have only one thermostat. Though the initial install cost may be a bit higher they also do tout some great benefits down the road.


Lower Energy Bills

The ability to target air only where it’s wanted can reduce your energy bills because you’re not wasting energy cooling non-lived in areas.

Personalized Temperature Control

Is your husband always hot yet you are always freezing? One of the best benefits of a zone control system is that you can personalize the temperature for individual rooms. If one family member prefers it a little cooler in their bedroom, while another likes it a bit warmer, a zone control system can handle keeping the two rooms at different temperatures. There will no longer be any need to fight over where to set the thermostat.

Two Level Homes

In a home with multiple floors, the temperature is often hard to balance. There is usually one part of the home that is much warmer than the rest of the house. With a zone control system installed, you can save your air conditioning from having to run extra hard and long just to cool that one room while dumping unnecessary cool air throughout the rest of the house. And because you’re not running the air conditioning as much, it can save the unit from extra wear.

Overall, Zone Control Air Conditioning Systems have many benefits over traditional, centralized systems. Even though they cost a bit more to set up, the benefits and potential savings can help overcome that initial setup cost.

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