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If you are noticing that when switched on, your HVAC unit is giving off a slightly chemical smell it can be disconcerting. First, check to be sure it is indeed your air conditioner that is emitting the odor. Turn it off, see if it stops, then back on again. If it is your AC, it can be one of a few things.

The first and most likely culprit is that someone has been using chemicals near the unit outside. Go take a look in that general vicinity and see if there are any empty containers not sealed up just laying dormant. If so, remove and dispose of properly. That should put an end to the tainted air in the home.

If there were no possible outdoor chemicals in use, you could have a refrigerant leak. Your unit uses refrigerant, which travels through the copper coils, to remove heat and warm air in the home. Due to normal use and wear and tear occasionally these coils can crack causing a leak. Freon (refrigerant) has a distinct smell – sickeningly sweet and similar to chloroform.

If it is a leak, outside of the smell, you may also notice ice forming on the refrigerant lines, a hissing noise near your AC, and your energy bill slowly rising.

As refrigerant is toxic and flammable, please call All Day Air Cooling & Heating and let a professional handle the repair.

If you have recently had ductwork installed or repaired this may also be the cause of the smell. The glue used to hold ductwork together absolutely stinks of a very chemical odor. There is not much you can do to reduce the stench, but take solace that it will dissipate quickly.

Have an electrostatic air filter? Ozone produced has a distinct scent to it. Though not exactly chemical, it is odd. If the smell is overwhelming, contact us to take a look to make sure nothing needs to be adjusted.

If you have checked over everything and the smell still persists, give us a call at 239-357-0727 or visit and we can come take a look.

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