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You hear a lot of talk about how you can save money and what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your HVAC system. It is difficult to decipher the truth from fiction sometimes. We thought we would lay out some common myths that seem to keep circulating year after year so they can once and for all be brought to light and rectified.

Myth #1

This seems to be a commonplace train of thought here in Florida. “Turning off your AC when you leave the house is a waste of energy.” – FALSE. Any time your unit can cease to run, that saves energy. We know most of the year here because we are in a tropical climate that isn’t always doable. What you can do is raise the temperature to a much warmer degree rather than leaving it running cranked down to your usual comfort temp. Turn it back down when you arrive home.

Myth #2

“The bigger the HVAC system the better.” – FALSE. The unit needs to be properly sized for the home you wish to cool. Too big of a system simply wastes energy.

Myth #3

“The filter only needs to be changed once a year” – TOTALLY FALSE. Filters can clog and get dirty fast depending on living circumstances such as pets and or smoking. Even those who do not have pets and do not smoke have filters that gather dust, dirt, skin cells and debris. It can create allergies and stale air. Change your filters every month or so for the very best air quality.

Have your unit serviced twice a year for maintenance.

Myth #4

“Close the vents in rooms you do not use and that will increase  your energy efficiency.” – FALSE. This does not save you on your energy bill and it can cause mold to build up in the unused ductwork.


“It doesn’t matter where your thermostat is installed.” – FALSE. If your thermostat is in direct sunlight or under a cooling vent, or even in the kitchen or bath it may give you a false reading. Talk with your HVAC tech and allow them to judge the best placement that works well for both of you.

For more vital information on your HVAC talk with us here at All Day Air Cooling. We would love to be your source for all things heating and cooling. We service both residential and business locations right here in Southwest Florida. 239-357-0727.

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