Zone Control Air Conditioning systems allow you to control which rooms, or “zones,” get air conditioned air when. You can set up temperature differentials, and with sophisticated thermostats even temperature schedules for each zone. This is quite more complex than traditional central air conditioner systems that have only one thermostat, and some of these systems might cost a little bit more than a traditional system to set up. However, zone control air conditioning does provide some fairly important benefits for your air conditioning system.

Reduced Energy Bills

Even though the initial setup may be more expensive than a traditional air-conditioning system, the ability to send air only where it’s needed can help reduce your energy bills because you’re not wasting energy cooling unnecessary areas. Most homes have one or two rooms that remain vacant more than other rooms, and a zone control system will let you set up a schedule so that those rooms do not wind up wasting energy.

Personalized Temperature Control

One of the best benefits of a zone control system is that you can personalize the temperature for individual rooms. If one family member prefers it a little cooler in their bedroom, while another likes it a bit warmer, a zone control system can handle keeping the two rooms at different temperatures. There will no longer be any need to fight over where to set the thermostat.

More Even Cooling

In two-level houses, or houses that are difficult to balance, there is often one area that is much warmer than the rest of the house. With a zone-control system, you can save your air conditioning from having to run extra just to cool that one room while dumping unnecessary cool air throughout the rest of the house. And because you’re not running the air conditioning as much, it can save the unit from extra wear.

Overall, Zone Control Air Conditioning Systems have many benefits over traditional, centralized systems. Even though they cost a bit more to set up, the benefits and potential savings can help overcome that initial setup cost. If you have any questions about what kind of air conditioning system is right for you, be sure to contact All Day Air Cooling and Heating today at (239) 357-0727.

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