Your air conditioner should run unnoticed. While it may have a soft air moving whir, that’s about the loudest it should ever get. It should blow cool air to the temperature of your choosing as set by the thermostat while on and shut down moments after you hit the off button.

You should not really have to think about your AC unit other than remembering to change the filter every one to three months and to schedule routine maintenance. Having a contract helps with that because it’s already pre-scheduled. You can’t forget.

Occasionally you may start to notice noises emitting from your AC. These should not go ignored as they are soft cries for help – indications that something may be wrong. While it may be a way down the road from there that anything actually goes so far as to break, you may save yourself some money by checking on them when they first appear.

There are of course “normal” sounds. If your air conditioner hasn’t been turned on for a while, it can make soft bubbling sounds as it starts up. This doesn’t indicate any problems. The soft sounds air makes when it blows through ducts may catch your attention, but if it turns to a whistling noise, that could indicate that there is an obstruction inside the ductwork.

Other sounds can indicate potentially serious issues.

Squealing is never good. It is often a sign that there is a problem with the fan belt. This type of sound will continue to get worse until it breaks. If it does break you are looking at possible major repair depending on just how that band snapped.

A Hissing sound can mean that refrigerant is leaking. Refrigerant morphs from a gas to a liquid during the cooling process. If there’s a leak in the refrigeration cycle, the gas will hiss as it escapes. Your air conditioner will not function properly if there isn’t enough refrigerant. If you hear a hissing sound, call for service as soon as possible.

Clicking sounds occur when there are electrical problems. This is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. There may be a small problem with the electrical system, but small problems in electricity have a great potential of becoming dangerous. Never play around with or second guess when it comes to electricity.

Rattling sounds may have varied causes. Rattling can occur because of loose debris in the system or because the air conditioner is wearing down and parts are not as tight as they should be. This needs to be checked professionally as well.

If you hear odd sounds coming from your air conditioning system, give All Day Air Cooling and Heating a call to come to check it out and make sure everything is working ok. If there is a problem, the sooner you catch it the better.

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