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Are your energy bills adding up to more than you would like or expect? Did you give your AC unit the 3rd degree thinking it was the culprit? – If you already had your unit checked and found it to be sound and in good condition you may want to check out a couple of other possible options.

Duct Work – This is the number one issue most homes face when it comes to improper cooling. Leaking ductwork not only cannot pump cool air efficiently, but it can also pull in nonfiltered air from random places inside the walls of your home. Southwest Florida is filled with creepy crawlies. Spiders, cockroaches, rats, possums, raccoons, you name it.

These critters can and do get in under your homes and even into the walls at times through spaces you would think too small to squeeze in. Sometimes they end up getting stuck and dying. This leads not only to a horrid smell but that smell can become toxic to you and your pets as well. When ductwork passes by a dead animal and is sealed as it should be, the air remains clean and filtered.

If there is a separation, rip, or tear, you bet that stench is going to get in and be spread throughout your home. Other issues can be from water leakage including mold and mildew which can be blown through your air system causing allergy issues in many. Several kinds of mold spores here in Florida are also toxins which can build up in your body and lead to health issues.

Insulation – No matter how powerful or efficient your air conditioner is, shelling out the money for the best won’t keep your power bill in check if your insulation in your home is lacking. All of that chilled air that is intended to keep you cool could be seeping right out the cracks and crevices of your home.

Insulation even installed and fitted properly, over time wears down. Florida is a very moist humid environment. Old broken down insulation cannot work at its best the way that it was designed. It has been estimated that re-insulating a home not only makes your home more comfortable in both summer and winter, it also can save you as much as 20% yearly on your energy bill. Over time that can really add up, not only covering the cost of the installation and materials but if you own your home long enough, actually pay for your HVAC unit.

Both of these issues can also contribute to poor humidity control and let’s face it, living in the tropics that’s at least half the reason we turn on the AC at all.

If your AC unit isn’t seeming to work up to par, let All Day Air Cooling and Heating come out and inspect your home, make an evaluation, and let you know what you can do to reduce your bill and raise your level of comfortability.

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