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Installing the right central air conditioning unit for your space and setting it correctly can save money on your monthly energy bill. Here in Florida, our FPL bill skyrockets during the summer because we all crank down the temperature in an effort to beat the heat.

What everyone deems comfortable is different. This can cause family arguments and problems over where to leave the setting. It may take some compromise but keep in mind that its worth it as you may save up to 3% on your bill for every degree you raise the thermostat temperature. This comes directly from the Department of Energy.

What is the best setting for your AC?

The answer depends on if you care more about staying cool or keeping your utility bill down. We suggest finding a happy medium.

Energy Star recommends that for optimal efficiency and cooling, the coldest you should keep your house is 78° F.

Many of you will say “wow no way that’s too hot” but those are the recommendations. It is your home and you are more than welcome to keep it at a colder temp, even igloo like if you prefer.

According to Consumer Reports, if you want to save as much as possible, choose a programmable thermostat. It makes it super easy to schedule out your cooling needs when you are home, away or asleep.

• 78° F when you’re home.

• 85° F when you’re at work or away.

• 82° F when you’re sleeping.

The savings add up quickly.

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