clogged air filter Fort Myers

Many of us don’t really think about our air conditioning units. Air filters need to be changed regularly to ensure that you are living and breathing in clean air. The slide in filters removes dust, dirt, dander, debris, and pollution. They help with allergies and keep your home smelling fresh.

Having a dirty air conditioning filter not only reduces your air quality, but it also restricts the flow of the air making your unit work harder than it should need to in order to cool your home. If it gets too clogged no air may pass at all and lead to a breakdown in the system, costing you money on repairs.

Clogged filters can cause your lines to freeze up locking up the mechanics of the unit and shutting it down.

Other potential issues:

Short-Cycling: Your AC is built to cycle on and off throughout the day. A dirty filter can cause cycles too frequent. That means wasted energy and uncomfortable temperature changes.

Freezing Up: A clean air filter allows air to flow. A dirty air filter restricts the flow. Given time that cold air backlog can cause ice to form on the coils.

Uneven Cooling: You may notice uneven cooling (hot and cold spots) and that means lower comfort levels and more money spent.

Allergen Buildup: You may end up with allergies, or even mold in your ductwork which is toxic to everyone even if they don’t have allergies.

General Wear and Tear: It’s a simple fact that air conditioners last longer when maintained properly. Build up of dust and particulate clogs and eventually leads to undue wear and tear.

Reduced Efficiency: An ac filter is much less expensive than a jacked up power bill or possibly needing a new unit. Put a new AC filter on your next shopping list.

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