hurricane Fort Myers

Before last years mess with Hurricane Irma, I think many of us Floridians had become rather complacent when it came to storms. It had been a number of years since the last one that did any real damage to the area. The amount of rain and flooding we experienced in areas of Southwest Florida was astounding. It flooded streets, homes, and caused a great deal of destruction.

We are now starting back to the beginning of summer storm season. We get a little taste of it just about nightly now starting about 4:30-5:00. With so much rain coming down so quickly you may begin to wonder how sturdy and safe your outdoor AC unit really is and how much it can withstand.

Air conditioner units that sit outside are constructed specifically to endure the elements including major rains. The inside components of your air conditioner are made of aluminum, copper, or other metals that are easily able to withstand heavy rains. We all know that electricity and water do not mix. Because of this, all electrical components are sealed in order to separate the two from one another. The great news is that even during very heavy rain storms it should not affect the ability of the unit to cool your home.

Now if you are in a hurricane or very strong tropical storm, the winds can become wicked. Large tree branches and other objects which may become projectiles can damage the unit if they hit it directly.

TIP 1: Many people are here only seasonally. They tarp cover their ac units. While those who live up north and are used to snow may think that would be a good idea, here in Florida, it is not the best course of action.  If you insist on covering the outdoor compressor, make sure that it is a covering made specifically for air conditioners. These are designed with the proper ventilation to provide air flow to the unit.

TIP 2: f you find yourself in a flood and your unit has more than 15 inches of standing water surrounding it, contact an HVAC specialist such as All Day Air Cooling and Heating to check for damage prior to starting it yourself.

Overall, just be cautious with any storm damage. Call a trusted professional to service the unit to ensure it is running properly.

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