As the cooler weather hits, it is time to turn off your AC and take a look at how well it has been performing. One of the most common issues, when a system is in use so consistently as it is during most of the year here in Florida, is a refrigerant leak.

It works under considerably high pressure. The lines that hold freon can degrade over time. If your system happens to get a leak it will need to be patched. After the patch is complete you will need a recharge on the freon. Depending on how long the leak has been ongoing and how bad of a leak it was, recharging can become an expensive fix.

Maintenance is vital. It allows you to catch a leak before it becomes a larger issue. Keeping an eye on it yourself, when you know what to watch for, can also save you aggravation and money down the road.

Here is what to look for:

Your AC just doesn’t seem to cool the home down: Lack of freon is the most common cause of a weak AC system.

Raised Humidity: Air conditioners also work as dehumidifiers. When there is a leak, the air will feel muggier.

It is taking forever to cool down: Longer cooling cycles are another sign of a possible refrigerant leak. If you notice your fan is staying on longer than usual, this might be a sign of a leak.

Your Electric Bill Jumps: Longer and less efficient cooling cycles lead to higher bills. If your bill is going up and up – look at your air conditioner.

You see ice on the coils: If you see ice forming, especially here in Florida, you have a leak. Call for service ASAP.

Bubbling or hissing sounds: If you can hear sounds like this coming from your outdoor unit while it is in the off position, it could be a sign of a serious refrigerant leak.

What causes leaks?

Both environmental exposure as well as non performed regular maintenance can cause even a well-built system to degrade over time. If your system is aging and springs a leak, it may make sense to patch it once or even twice to save on your bill but make note that it is a warning sign that sometime in the near future a replacement may end up as the better option.

Annual air conditioning maintenance checks will help you head off these problems so that you can plan for replacement rather than being caught off guard.

If you think you may have a refrigerant leak, or if you urgently need a leak repaired, reach out to All Day Air Cooling and Heating right here in Fort Myers, Florida. (239) 357-0727

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